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When to visit Meteora Monasteries?

Are you wondering when to visit Meteora Monasteries? Keep reading to find out what to expect each season when visiting Meteora in Greece, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with amazing natural beauty and important medieval history.

Meteora throughout the year

Most people visit Meteora during the summer. I understand that, cause summer is a safe option. Normally the weather is good so you won’t miss out on anything; on the downside it’s really, really hot! I personally enjoy visiting in the winter as well, but depending on the weather some monasteries would be less accessible than others, so take this under consideration as well when you’re making your decision. For instance, if there’s lot’s of snow or a violent storm, maybe you won’t be able to visit the Great Meteoron Monastery. The weather is also important if you’re interested in additional activities, such as hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, and rafting.

Foggy view of Meteora in Thessaly, Greece
Meteora on a foggy day. At some point a storm broke out and I couldn't see absolutely anything further than my own nose! It was one of my favourite days in Meteora… We were exploring the monasteries -cold and wet to the bone- in a mystical and magical atmosphere; the monasteries truly seemed like a city in the sky. The warm food we had afterwards never tasted better! However, if this was my first and only visit, I would be disappointed to miss the view.

So, generally speaking, the best time to visit Meteora monasteries is probably either in spring or in autumn. The weather is mild and there are less crowds. However, each of the four seasons has a truly unique experience of Meteora to offer.

Spring in Meteora

In the spring (March-April-May) you’ll get mostly nice weather, blue skies with a few clouds, maybe some showers (especially in March), beautiful flowers and lush green scenery. It’s one of the best times of year to visit Greece in general, since you can enjoy warm -but not too hot- weather, and also avoid the crowds.

View of Varlaam Monastery in the spring, Meteora in Thessaly, Greece
View of Varlaam Monastery in the spring.

Summer in Meteora

The summer (June-July-August) is varying from hot to very hot. You’ll get long sunny days, beautiful blue skies and probably no rain, but you’re also getting lots of crowds because it’s high season. If you’re hiking, make sure to choose the time of day wisely, because in midday the temperature is not ideal for walking under the scorching sun. This is the best time to visit if you’re looking for long days with brilliant light.

Roussanou Monastery in the summer, Meteora in Thessaly Greece
Roussanou Monastery on a brilliant summer day.

Autumn in Meteora

Autumn (September-October-November) is similar to spring mostly. Lovely weather, beautiful nature and less crowds than the summer. Crisp mornings and chilly afternoons will make your hikes very pleasurable. This season is my personal favourite for a Meteora visit, because the colours of the scenery are truly phenomenal.

Vrizoni tower of Varlaam Monastery and bougainvillea in autumn. Meteora in Thessaly, Greece
Vrizoni tower of Varlaam Monastery in autumn.

Winter in Meteora

Visiting Meteora during the winter (December-January-February) is a bit risky, because it can be either a magical or a less pleasant experience. If you’re lucky, you’ll get nice winter weather with clear skies, or with a cool mist which creates an out-of-this-word scenery. However, if it’s too misty you’re going to miss the view entirely, if it’s too rainy or snowy you’re not going to have access to the monasteries. I’ve experienced all sorts of weather in my many years visiting Meteora; I’ve had amazing winter days there, but also very bad days where it was so foggy that I couldn’t see absolutely anything or where the monasteries were closed due to very bad weather.

Monastery of Holy Trinity in the winter. Meteora in Thessaly, Greece
Monastery of Holy Trinity in the winter. Don't let the blue sky fool you, it was a really cold day!

Meteora Monasteries

There are six monasteries open to the public: Monastery of the Transfiguration of the Saviour (also known as Monastery of the Great Meteoron)Varlaam MonasterySt. Stephen MonasteryRoussanou MonasteryHoly Trinity Monastery, and St. Nicholas Anapafsas Monastery. Each monastery is unique and has a different story and amazing things to discover. In order to make the most of your visit, make sure you have enough time to explore, learn more about their history, admire centuries-old frescoes of brilliant Byzantine paintings, take pictures, and visit the museums and shops that some monasteries have!

Varlaam Monastery in Meteora, Thessaly Greece
In the courtyard of Varlaam Monastery; I love the spring blossoms in March.

Final thoughts

All in all, no matter the season, Meteora won’t disappoint you! It’s an amazing destination with breathtaking views, beautiful nature and fascinating history.

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