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19 February 2024

Weird things Greeks do

Weird things Greeks do! Explore with me some interesting and funny customs that Greeks have!

Weird Things Greeks Do. A cat is sitting under a stand with souvenir helmets in a Greek tourist shop.
15 August 2022

My Greek Summer ABCs

Summer in Greece is absolutely magnificent! Let's have fun together and explore snapshots of what Greek summer is all about through my Greek summer ABCs!

My Greek Summer ABCs
2 August 2022

Top-10 Popular Greek Snacks you Should Try

Greek food and delicacies are known to be great. And they sure are! However, what about the snacks? What is something you can buy and actually bring back home with you? Here's a list with the Top-10 Popular Greek Snacks you should try when visiting Greece!

Top-10 Popular Greek Snacks
1 May 2021

Easter in Corfu

Corfu Island is the best place in Greece to spend your Easter holidays! The charming old town, the friendly people, the extraordinary local traditions and the amazing music are just a few reasons why spending Easter in Corfu is the experience of a lifetime...!

Easter in Corfu