Guest Writers - Nikias
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Hidden Culinary Gems in Attica

In the post-pandemic period, a lot of restaurants need to update their catalogues, and I find my hands full as we try to take as many photos of new dishes as we can, for the Instagram accounts of the restaurants.

Delicious food, charming place

A few days ago, I had a photo shoot in a very charming family restaurant. It was in a small unknown (for me) neighbourhood, around 4km (2,5 miles) from the center of Athens.

The owner visited with me, offering me a cold beer (what a great gesture, as I love beers), and told me the story of the restaurant and his family. He was very passionate about it, talking about how much they love what they do, and how they wish to offer “a hidden treasure” to their guests, with great quality materials and smiling and friendly staff.

We went to the kitchen and as he was preparing most of the dishes himself, he was constantly explaining what he was doing and why, while I was taking some pictures. The smell overwhelmed me, and I could hardly keep myself from tasting it.

We then set a table and I started photo shooting. I couldn’t stop, as I was discovering more and more optical angles and beautiful details in his dishes. Finally, the tasting time came. It was unbelievable! …

Enter as guests, leave as friends

Driving home, I thought that it was just that. Charming! A beautiful place, with unbelievable food, and charming people, turning a common food visit into a heartwarming experience! I want to go back to this hidden gem as a customer, and I know they will treat me like a friend. I know I will be offered something really really good, made with love!

Discovering Attica's hidden gems

As I am thinking about this place, I believe that Athens is full of hidden gems like this one, which the trip advisor may, or -unfortunately- may NOT mention. From fine dining restaurants to family taverns, there are places that food enthusiasts should visit, and very few people know!

Esthlon restaurant

Posidonos 20 & Alkiviadou, Mandra 196 00

Fish Market

Doryleou 7, Mavili Square, Athens 115 21

George’s Steak House

Konstantinoupoleos 4-6, Glyfada 166 75


Gavriilidou 8, Ano Patisia, Athens 111 41

Mira Me

Ermou 118, Athens, 105 54

Napul’è Italian Comfort Food & Wine

Vasileos Konstantinou 43, Vari 166 72

So, my advice is to not go to the first place you see and hear about. Do your research! Ask the locals! Do not be afraid to seek restaurants in neighbourhoods outside the center! Believe me, it will be so worth it!

Where to find them

Guest Writers - Nikias
About Nikias

I was born in Athens, in 1982. I've loved cooking since I was a small kid, and photography since I was a teenager. In 2018, I decided to combine these passions and now I am really glad and proud to be a Professional Food Photographer. At the same time, I like to consider myself a cook, and a food enthusiast! Join me, and let's explore together the magical world of taste and food presentation!

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