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My Greek Summer ABCs

Summer in Greece is absolutely magnificent, full of wonder, diverse sceneries, and carefree experiences! Let’s have fun together and discover snapshots of what summer is all about through my Greek summer ABCs!

A is for August

The most summery of all the summer months.

B is for Bougainvillea

The beautiful red/purple-ish, thorny bush which hugs our doors, windows, balconies, alleys.

C is for Cicadas

Loud and proud and everywhere around!

D is for Diving

Dive deep into blue and emerald waters.

E is for Epidaurus Theatre

The Ancient theatre from long ago. Watching an ancient Greek drama at a 2500-year-old theatre is priceless…

F is for figs

The most sweet and delicious summer fruit.

G is for grapes

Fresh, light, straight from the vine!

H is for Holidays

And holidays mean being carefree like children… even just for a little while.

I is for Ice-cream

Preferably enjoy this with a view.

J is for Juice

Freshly squeezed with seasonal fruit.

K is for Kayaking

Explore the Greek seas and just keep paddling!

L is Loukoumades

The deep-fried dough bites, soaked in honey and cinnamon. A sweet break during your strolls.

M is for Mountain Hikes

Green, lush, cool; Greek mountains during the summer are ideal for walks and hikes! Avoid the extreme heat and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

N is for Nightlife

Greek summer is hot. That’s why you’ll notice that Greeks go out to eat, drink etc. late at night.

O is for Octopus

Grilled or marinated in vinegar; Enjoy it with Ouzo!

P is for Pebbles

I love pebble beaches so much! Don’t you?

Q is for Quiet-time

Shhhhhh… It’s too hot to be loud between 3-5pm.

R is for Relaxing

Relax, read a book, repeat.

S is for Sunsets

Magical sunsets at the beach…

T is for Therino Cinema

“Therino” means summery, and summer means watching a film under the stars.

U is for Umbrella

Have fun under the summer sun, but never forget the Greek summer sun is very strong!

V is for Views

Whether it’s sea or mountain, Greek views never disappoint.

W is for Watermelon

Healthy, tasty, sweet and -often in Greece- huge! Served cool, it’s a great choice on a hot summer day.

X is for Xenos /ksénos/

Xenos in Greek means foreigner/stranger but also guest. Yes, Greece is packed in the summer. However, even in the busy period you’ll still be able to experience the Greek philoxenia, which means hospitality (lit. loving the stranger, the guest).

Y is for Yogurt

Greek yogurt is the best! Try it with honey and walnuts as a cool, summer snack.

Z is for Zucchini Fritters

Crispy on the outside, soft and creamy on the inside…! These Zucchini balls, as we call them in Greek (Kolokithokeftedes), are the best side dish for your summer meals!

Summer in Greece is truly unique. It’s all about light, flavours, magical evenings and glorious mornings, laughter at the beach, diving in dazzling waters for seashells, hiking cool mountains, being with friends, relishing quiet moments… What are your summer memories filled with?

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