Guest Writers - Mariahfe
About Mariahfe

Ellow. I am a Filipino (with Japanese roots) gal who is raised in Athens. I have big dreams that are still caged in my mind and soul and I am hoping and praying that I can one day set them free. I am sensitive to matters of Christianity, religion and philosophy and curious every now and then about politics and activism. I’m a big fan of arts and photography and my constant goal is to be open-minded and to expand my creativity to be able to unify Christianity and other matters through art.

Street in Athens in black and white. Cars in traffic waiting for the traffic lights. Apartment buildings and an orthodox church in the background.
Guest Writers - Mariahfe
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Athens can be a creative, welcoming, sincere, raw, beautiful and a thought-provoking place. For Mariahfe, a brilliant young Athenian-Filipino, Athens is a place where she has lost herself and herself at the same time. She loves the people, the culture, the history and the rich knowledge.